The Road to Controlling Your Career

Do not prepare for interviews without it!

The road to controlling your career can be wrought with pitfalls, forks in the road, detours and dead ends.

Our goal is to help you navigate whatever road you choose to take and perhaps, help you choose the road to take. After years of research and focusing on what it takes to be a successful job seeker, we have written a dynamic book titled, The Road to Controlling Your Career.

This is a user-friendly, comprehensive guide that will help job seekers especially baby boomers, better understand and appreciate the wealth of experience and wisdom their years of service brings to the table. This book will help job seekers reach three specific goals. Determine what type of job or career you would like to have, properly prepared you to interview for that position, and have the best possible chance of getting that position. This book will help job seekers of all ages understand the question is not “Are there jobs available?”

The real question is, “Are you prepared to get the jobs that are available?”

What is different about this book?

There has been a veritable explosion of articles and books written to help job seekers. I acknowledge and applaud all the organizations that have published articles with great information on parts of the job-seeking process. This book is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that covers nine critical elements of a complete job-seeking package that will help job seekers identify and organize their vast experience, which will help interviewers and recruiters see you as a valuable commodity. Finally, here is a verifiable fact, for the price of lunch for two at a fast food restaurant; you are receiving information and guidance that many companies charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars for programs that cover much of what you will read in this book.

For more information on the book and how to order please click here.

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